After becoming disillusioned with my career in the telecommunications industry, I decided to pursue a lifelong dream of creating and sculpting with my hands. With the unwavering support of my beautiful wife, I started out on my new life as a “Woodworker”. I was accepted into the Bauhaus Apprenticeship Institute, in Chicago, under the tutelage of master craftsman Berthold Schwaiger. After graduation, I continued to sharpen my skills while working at custom, high end cabinetry shops in the Chicagoland area.

   I decided to start TJF Woodworks to serve as a platform for my past experiences and to facilitate my future ambitions as a designer and craftsman. My work reflects my attention to detail and commitment to the overall process. There is an amazing sense of satisfaction that comes from cultivating an idea to seeing it become a tangible reality. 

In the words of the late Berthold Schwaiger  ” Furniture should last as long as it takes a tree to grow “

Timothy J. Farley